Cycle around the picturesque Lahntal

You like to enjoy the beauty of the Lahntal by bicycle on the 245km long Lahntalradweg (cycle trail), which starts at the spring and goes all the way to its mouth? But you don't want to deal with the hassle that is your luggage – carrying it along and have to watch it when you stop. Just jump on the bike after breakfast and off you go? No problem, profit from our more than 30 years of experience as a travel operator in the Lahntal – We transport your luggage from one place to the other, your accommodation is booked and you will receive a warm welcome at the hotel in the evening. All you have to do, is enjoy nature and the culture around you, everything else we will take care of as part of our complete service package. No matter if you travel by yourself or as a group, or if you want to spend a weekend or a whole week in the charming Lahntal. Before you get started, we will give you all the information you need, including maps and other travel tips, such as what to see and to visit on the way.

The Lahntalradweg is one of the 10 most popular cycle trails in Germany and was awarded 4 stars from the Allgemeinen Deutschen Fahrrad-Club (ADFC). Not only can we transport your luggage from Bad Lasphe all the way to Koblenz, we also can provide the bicycles. You have the choice between 7-speed touring bikes with hub gears and pedal brakes or modern electric bikes (e-bikes). Additionally, if you want we can organise a return transfer to the starting point of your tour. Please get in touch and we can chat about what is the cheapest, quickest and most comfortable way for you to get home.

The Lahntalbahn (train line), which runs parallel to the cycle trail all the way from the spring to the river mouth is a huge advantage for visitors and the region. You can travel comfortable by train to any location in the Lahntal. As an extra you can take your bicycle on the train free of charge! So if you need a little break or one stage of the tour becomes a bit to much, just jump on the train, which will take you to your next destination.

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All the cycle destinations on the Lahn

You can cycle 245km on the Lahntalradweg all the way from the spring to the point where the Lahn flows into the Rhine. The following tour schedule is very popular and well established. Of course it is possible to just cycle parts of it or create a complete different and customised itinerary. So select according to your preferences or give us a call, we will be happy to advice you.

In 7 stages from Bad Laasphe to the mouth of the Lahn and further on to the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz.

Stage 1:   Arrive in Bad Laasphe.
You can do a city tour or cycle to the Lahn spring (42km)
Stage 2:   Bad Laasphe to Marburg (45km) Höhenprofil Bad Laasphe - Marburg
Stage 3:   Marburg to Wetzlar (58km) Höhenprofil Marburg - Wetzlar
Stage 4:   Wetzlar to Runkel (51km) Höhenprofil Wetzlar – Runkel
Stage 5:   Runkel to Bad Ems (62km) Höhenprofil Runkel – Bad Ems
Stage 6:   Bad Ems to Koblenz (25km) Höhenprofil Bad Ems - Koblenz
Stage 7:   Visiting Koblenz, Deutsches Eck, departure  

Our service:

  • Accommodation in pre-booked hotels (3-4 star hotels)
    in double rooms with shower and toilet - single room surcharge on request
  • Breakfast
  • Luggage transfer
  • Maps + information material
  • Return transfer costs on request
  • Children's prices on request

Price examples:

  • 3 stages, 2 nights: €325
  • 4 stages, 3 nights: €420
  • 5 stages, 4 nights: €515
  • 6 stages, 5 nights: €610
  • 7 stages, 6 nights: €705

Every further stage with accommodation: €95 per person

>>> Current price list for bicycle tours

Rental bikes:

7-speed rental bikes, package price per person: €105
Electrical bikes (e-bikes), package price per person: €245

Group special:

5% discount for groups with at least 10 people.
The discount does not apply to the rental rates.

Let us customise your tour itinerary according to your preferences. Please get in touch and let us talk about it. We would be happy to make you an offer.

Important note: Due to very limited availability, we are currently unable to offer package tours with external services (such as cycling and hiking trips with hotel accommodation).

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The Lahntal from 3 different angles
Combined tour canoe, bicycle, hiking

Experience the most beautiful spots of the Lahntal from different angles. Discover sections of the Lahn by canoe and then jump on a bicycle for other parts. On top of that you can add a hike on the Lahnwanderweg, if you want. We can customise an itinerary for you from any of our stations in accordance to your personal preferences and needs! With accommodation in a hotel, on a campsite or in an original Indian tipi village. Let us discuss your options, we will find the perfect combination for you >>

7-days tour example:
Combination tour from Bad Laasphe to Nassau by bike, canoe and hiking trail.

1st day: Bicycle tour from Bad Laasphe to Marburg (45km)
2nd day: Bicycle tour from Marburg to Wetzlar (58km)
3rd day: Bicycle tour from Wetzlar to Weilburg (30km)
4th day: Canoe tour from Weilburg to Runkel (22km)
5th day: Canoe tour from Runkel to Diez (18km)
6th day: Hiking from Diez to Laurenburg (20km)
7th day: Hiking from Laurenburg to Nassau (16km)

Our services:

  • 6 nights in pre-booked hotels double room with en-suite
  • Breakfast
  • Luggage transfer
  • Maps + information materials
  • Bicycle rental
  • Canoe with complete equipment + canoe transport
  • Children's prices on request

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Bicycle rental in the Lahntal

Rent a 7-speed touring bike or an e-bike for a ride on the Lahntalradweg. We have enough bicycles for you available to start a tour along the Lahn. We try to have a certain amount of bikes at our stations for spontaneous rentals, however for groups we recommend an early enough booking.

Fahrradverleih LeihradOur stations

  • Solms-Schohleck
  • Runkel

Rental prices for our touring bikes
€20 per rental bike and day (starting and ending at a Lahntours station)

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Bicycle shuttle service at the Lahn

Jump off the bike and into a canoe... Enjoy the Lahn for a few hours from a different perspective!

Kanu auf der Lahn

You can arrange a bicycle shuttle from any of our stations or drop-off locations: Roth near Marburg, Odenhausen, Gießen, Dorlar, Wetzlar, Solms-Schohleck, Weilburg, Aumenau and Runkel. Already for only €32!

Step off your bicycle and into a canoe and paddle along the river to the next station. We will in the meantime transport your bike and luggage to this destination and you will be able to continue your cycle tour from there.

Insider tip: Use our bicycle shuttle service between Aumenau and Runkel to experience one of the most scenic sections of the river from the canoe.

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Take your bicycle on public transport

Deutsche Bahn
Through out the entire train network operated by Deutsche Bahn you will have trains with either special bicycle compartments or spots where you can put the bike for the journey. For intercity transport trains you will need to make a reservation for your bike as well. However in addition to your train ticket it is free of charge. Bicycle transport is regulated differently throughout different transport associations. Further info can be found on the DB website.
Cyclists-Hotline: 01805 -151415
Travel Service Deutsche Bahn: 11861

ZWS (Zweckverband Personennahverkehr Westfalen-Süd)
The section of the Lahntalradweg between the spring and Bad Laasphe lays in the federal state North-Rhine Westfalia and is part of the ZWS. Here the bicycle transport is free of charge.ZWS Info-Hotline: 01803 - 504030 (German website only)

RMV (Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund GmbH)
The Hessian Part of the Lahntalradweg (Wallau to Limburg) belongs to the RMV transport assosiation. In their trains you can take the bikes for free as well. From Wallau to Marburg use line No. 43 (DB 623*); from Marburg to Gießen line No. 30 (DB 620*); from Gießen nach Limburg (Koblenz) line No. 25 (DB 625*).
RMV-Hotline: 01805 - 7684636

VRM (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Mosel GmbH)
In Rhineland-Palatinate the VRM is responsible for the transport services along the section of the Lahntalradweg between Diez and Lahnstein (direction Koblenz). The bicycle transport is free of charge from Mo-Fr after 9am and all weekend without time restrictions. During the week you need a bicycle ticket before 9am.
Info-Hotline 01805 - 986986

* DB numbers are used by Deutsche Bahn, the line numbers are used by the transport association.

Swimming pools and lakes along the Lahntal cycle path

Place Swimming pool / lake Distance from bike path
Bad Laasphe-Feudingen Outdoor pool Directly on the bike path
Bad Laasphe Outdoor pool 1.0km
Biedenkopf-Wallau Outdoor pool / Indoor swimming pool 0.3km
Biedenkopf Outdoor pool 0.2km
Dautphetal-Dautphe Outdoor pool 3.0km
Dautphetal-Friedensdorf Indoor swimming pool 1.0km
Dautphetal-Allendorf Outdoor pool 2.0km
Dautphetal-Buchenau Indoor swimming pool 1.0km
Marburg-Wehrda Indoor swimming pool 3.0km
Marburg-Marbach Indoor swimming pool 3.0km
Marburg Fun pool Directly on the bike path
Weimar / Lahn Excavation lake Directly on the bike path
Lollar Outdoor pool 2.0km
Wettenberg-Wißmar Excavation lake 0.2km
Wettenberg Outdoor pool 3.0km
Giessen Outdoor pool and Indoor swimming pool 1.5km
Lahnau Indoor swimming pool 1.0km
Wetzlar Outdoor pool Directly on the bike path
Wetzlar Indoor swimming pool 3.0km
Solms Outdoor pool and Indoor swimming pool 1.0km
Weilburg Indoor swimming pool Directly on the bike path
Limburg Fun pool Directly on the bike path
Nassau Outdoor pool 1.0km
Bad Ems Thermal baths 0.3km
Lahnstein-Niederlahnstein Indoor swimming pool 1.0km
Lahnstein-Oberlahnstein Outdoor pool 3.0km

Our Strength - Your Comfort

'Be Gone' Freedom

Along the Lahntal,
Seal 30 Yearsas you like.Seal SQD
Have a picnic and a nap.
Do what ever you want.
Be relaxed and simply enjoy.
While we will take care
of your luggage and accommodation.
And make sure
there is a cold drink waiting for you
at the end of a wonderful day.
The 'No Worries' Freedom

You can put your trust in us. We work together with more than 70 cyclist/hiker friendly hotels and hospitality businesses. Our partner hotels are charming country inns with regional cuisine and comfortable mid-range city hotels. All of them have dry rooms for your equipment and lockable parking spots for your bike.   

Due to the experience of 40 years at and on the Lahn, being awarded by ServiceQualität Deutschland, having the expertise of a regionally-based tour operator who knows all tours and hotels from personal experience and owns a comprehensive service fleet, we are the right partner for group and individual tours.

With our well spread branch network in the Lahntal you will always find a competent person to contact on the Lahntalradweg. We have stations in Roth near Marburg, Wetzlar, Solms, Aumenau, and Runkel. The Lahntalradweg was awarded 4 stars by the Allgemeinen Deutschen Fahrradclub (German cycle association) and was voted one of the 10 most popular cycle routes in Germany.