Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need any canoe experience?
No, we will give you an extensive introduction into the techniques you need to handle the canoe before your tour, plus you will receive a detailed river guide. This will enable you to do the trip.

Canoe, kayak or Canadian canoe? Which is the right boat for me?
90% of our customers prefer Canadian canoes, this is quiet significant. Read here about the differences between the three boat types >>

How many people sit in one boat?
Our boats fit 2 to 5 people. However the Canadian canoes with 4 or 5 seats should not be used by adults only. They are more designed to accommodate families or groups with children.

Can children be alone in one boat?
Yes, but one person has to be at least 12 years old.

Canoeing with (small) children?
That depends less on age than on whether the "outdoor kids" have already learned how to handle the wet element in a healthy way. In principle, children can be taken to paddle, they should be able to sit independently for the duration of the planned tour. Your child's first tour shouldn't be too long in order not to lose the fun of it. Please always think about the safety of your child (sun protection, no sling / baby seat, ability to act in the event of capsizing), the responsibility for the children lies exclusively with the parents. We recommend a minimum age of three years, we will be happy to have the matching (toddler) life jacket ready for you.

How to I get back to the starting point after the tour?
We offer a shuttle service of people and canoes. We will collect you at set times with buses from the tour destination which is often only around 15km away and return you to the spot where you start the tour in the morning. For some routes, the transfer is already before the tour.

What are the accommodation options before and after the tour?
There are campsites and multiple hotels along the river, which can be booked or simply visited on the day.  

Can I book a canoe tour including the accommodation?
Yes, our campsite in Solms-Schohleck and our campground in Runkel are located directly on the river banks, where you can set up your tents. For groups with more than 4 people you have in both locations the chance to stay the night in an original tipi village. As a more luxurious option we can also organise accommodation in a comfortable city hotel or a cosy little country inn.  

How much luggage can I take?
You will be able to transport luggage for up to ten days including your camping equipment. For multi-day tours we will give you a barrel per boat and a dry bag for each person.

How big is the dry bag and the barrel?
The dry bag has a 60l volume and the barrel has 26l.

Do we have to bring our own cooking equipment?
On request and for a small fee we can provide you with the cooking equipment.

Is the orientation on the river difficult?
No, you receive a river guide at the beginning, which shows all landmarks, sights, picnic areas, campsites, shopping possibilities and so on. This makes it very easy to find your way around. In addition there are kilometre signs on the banks for most part along the Lahn.

How big can a group be?
We can accommodate groups with up to 200 people which we will start on different sections along the river.

Can I take my dog and will I be charged extra?
Your four-legged friend is of course more than welcome! There are no additional costs. If you book a campsite or hotel, please make sure that he will be welcome there, too.

What if I can't swim?
We have a life jacket for any size and body weight. This goes especially for children and toddlers, for them we have special age-based jackets. To wear a life jacket is compulsory. Therefore it is not necessary that you are a capable swimmer.  

Can I swim in the Lahn?
Yes, in general the swimming is allowed and possible, except in and around locks.

How deep is the Lahn?
That varies. Starting at a few centimetres and reaching around 5 metres at its deepest points. As a rule of thumb: the faster the Lahn flows the lower is its current depth.

What happens if the weather is bad?
As its known: There is no bad weather, just bad clothing. Be prepared with normal rain gear and your canoe tour wont fall through.

Can I operate the lock myself?
One of the highlights of every Lahn tour is to operate a lock yourself. Where else is this still possible these days? Until Runkel this is the case, all locks have to be operated manually. You will receive an instruction for this purpose from us, but don't worry, it is rather easy to do. From Limburg onwards all locks are operated electronically by a lock keeper. Here is a small animation to demonstrate how a lock works >>

Is wild camping allowed and are there any restrictions?
This is definitely not permitted, as the river banks are under landscape protection. But there are plenty of accommodations and picnic areas along the way, you will receive detailed information from us. With our help many entry and exit points, picnic areas and campsites were developed over the years and can be used now. All accessible spots are displayed in our information material.