Professional equipment
for our customers

Paddles are available in 2 different versions: single bladed paddles and double bladed paddles.
StechpaddelThe single bladed paddle consists of a shaft with a knob for the hand at one end and a paddle blade on the other end for transmitting the force onto the water. Mostly the knob is a T-handle or spade handle (common in plastic paddles). It is used to propel a Canadian canoe forward by putting the paddle almost vertical into the water and pull it backwards. Single bladed paddles come in different lengths which are determined by the shaft length and the blade length. A commonly used method to determine the right paddle length is: The paddle should reach the the chin of the standing paddler.
DoppelpaddelThe double bladed paddle is used for kayaks and different paddle techniques are needed. It consists of a shaft with a blade on each end, which transfer the energy onto the water. The blades of modern paddles are usually twisted in a 45 to 90 degree angle towards each other for a better ergonomic handling. Against common opinion the direction of the twist has nothing to do with whether you are left or right handed. It is simply a matter of preference.

SchwimmwestenThe ideal life jacket for canoe touring – The outer material is of a sturdy nylon and different adjustment options guarantee a comfortable and secure fit. It should be worn conveniently over the other clothes and with us the jackets are available in various sizes for adults and children.

PacksackThe dry bag shows a mix of adventure and being down to earth. A tireless companion, who withstands the elements and remains stable due to the reinforced bottom. The practical 'roll top' closure system with a basic plastic bar keeps everything protected and dry. The sturdy fabric is also exceptionally resistant to tearing. Our bags have a volume of around 60 litres.  

In the canoe barrel you stow things that must be absolutely protected from water like mobile phones, cameras, keys and wallets. When the 26-litre barrel is closed properly, no water will penetrate the seal. Therefore you should avoid to pack any liquids (such as sunscreen or mosquito repellent) that can leak inside the barrel. These barrels also have another advantage: they always content quite a lot of air, which gives them a good buoyancy and in the event of capsizing this will let them float on the water surface.

LeineThe rope will keep the boat at the jetty when you board or disembark and can be used to moor it at the picnic areas. Additionally it is an aid when hauling the canoe.

SchwammThe sponge can be used to remove any splash water (from the paddling) and of course to keep the boats clean. ;)

FlussfuehrerThe canoe map or river guide is the standard guide for canoe tours in Germany and most European countries. We will provide you with our own professional canoe map which is a result of 30 years of experience on and around the river. The map gives you a good orientation on the water and provides all the important information for your tour.

BootswagenFor longer tours and certain stages we also have special boat trailers for transporting the canoes. They serve as an aid to portage the boats at obstacles like closed locks or weirs without a lock / canoe pass.