Hiking the romantic Lahntal,
A fantastic experience for groups and individuals

Hiking has become popular again, especially in the picturesque German Mittelgebirgen along the beautiful Lahntal. Move on historic paths and be impressed by nature. In the evening lean back and enjoy cultural and culinary specialities. Everything is possible from castle tours, walks trough a botanical garden, visits to a zoo or a old ore mine. Variety is guaranteed.  

You will be rewarded with scenic vistas onto the different landscapes. In one moment surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a historical town with cultural institutions and other tourist attractions and then you will reach quaint little villages, secluded hills and valleys. The certified trails offer something for everyone: day hikes starting from a base hotel or long distance hikes with several stages. Simply enjoy culture and nature, we take care of everything else.

On multi-day hikes we transport your luggage each day from your hotel to your next destination, where your room is already booked and you will receive a warm welcome in the evening. We will provide prior to arrival an information package with maps and all the necessary information, including excursions tips and information about attractions along the way.

The Lahntalbahn, which runs along the cycle trail from the spring to the river's mouth, is a huge advantage for you and the whole region. You can travel by train to any location in the Lahntal totally stress free and environmental friendly. You like to skip a stage? No problem, the train will take you comfortably to your next destination.

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