Our strength - Your pleasure

Your freedom to get away
You simply hike whenever you want in the beautiful Lahntal.Take your time and enjoy the surroundings. You are the creator of this adventure. In the meantime we will transport your luggage, make sure everything is ready for your arrival at your accommodation, where you will receive a very warm welcome after a great day spend in nature. A ''No Worries” freedom. You can put your trust in us. We work with more than 70 hikers friendly hotels and inns together, which range from cosy country inns with a regional cuisine to great little hotels in the towns. All of them have dry rooms and other services for hikers.

With over 40 years of experience on the Lahn, being awarded by ServiceQualität Deutschland, having the expertise of a regionally-based tour operator who knows all the tours and hotels from personal experience and owns a comprehensive service fleet, we are the right partner for group and individual tours. With our well spread branch network in the Lahntal you will always find a competent person to talk to on the Lahnwanderweg. We have stations in Roth near Marburg, Wetzlar, Solms, Aumenau, and Runkel.

The Lahntalbahn, which runs all the way from the spring to the river's mouth parallel to the Lahnwanderweg is a huge advantage for you and the region. You can arrive environmentally friendly and without any hassle by train to every place in the Lahntal. So if you need a break or a stage gets to strenuous, you can simply jump on the train and let it take you to the next destination.