The Lahntal from 3 different angles
Combined tour canoe, bicycle, hiking

Experience the most beautiful spots of the Lahntal from different angles. Discover sections of the Lahn by canoe and then jump on a bicycle for other parts. On top of that you can add a hike on the Lahnwanderweg, if you want. We can customise an itinerary for you from any of our stations in accordance to your personal preferences and needs! With accommodation in a hotel, on a campsite or in an original Indian tipi village. Let us discuss your options, we will find the perfect combination for you >>

7-days tour example:
Combination tour from Bad Laasphe to Nassau by bike, canoe and hiking trail.

1st day: Bicycle tour from Bad Laasphe to Marburg (45km)
2nd day: Bicycle tour from Marburg to Wetzlar (58km)
3rd day: Bicycle tour from Wetzlar to Weilburg (30km)
4th day: Canoe tour from Weilburg to Runkel (22km)
5th day: Canoe tour from Runkel to Diez (18km)
6th day: Hiking from Diez to Laurenburg (20km)
7th day: Hiking from Laurenburg to Nassau (16km)

Our services:

  • 6 nights in pre-booked hotels double room with en-suite
  • Breakfast
  • Luggage transfer
  • Maps + information materials
  • Bicycle rental
  • Canoe with complete equipment + canoe transport
  • Children's prices on request

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