Sleep like an Indian:
Our tipi villages on the Lahn

Tipi Dorf an der Lahn

You like to sleep like an Indian during your canoe tour?
Lid a campfire in front of an original Indian tipi and retreat after a wonderful evening into this extraordinary and cosy dwelling? Enjoy this highlight in Solms-Scholeck or in Runkel right at the river banks in our Indian tipi villages. We do have different tipi sizes for your convenience. The tipi is the legendary tent of the native North-Americans and has a 6m to 9m diameter. The up to 10m high tents offer room for up to 11 people for the night. You can hire a tipi with a minimum of 4 people in your group.
The great thing about them is that they are very resident against the elements, well vented and on top they offer plenty of space, so that it is no problem to lid a cosy fire inside. The somewhat different accommodation for your company outing or a canoe tour with friends and family. Combine your next tour with a stay in a original Indian tipi and follow in the foot steps of the native North-Americans. We recommend you make a reservation as early as possible due to their high demand.

Our services:

  • camp beds
  • table set
  • fire wood
  • campsite fees

From €18 per night and person!
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