What's the difference between
a Canadian canoe and kayak?

Canoe is the generic term for two different boat classes, the Canadian canoe and the kayak.

Canadier mit Stechpaddel

The Canadian canoe is the famous canoe of the Indians. In the past they were made of wood, where as our modern Canadian canoes are cast from robust plastic. Canadian canoes are moved forward by single bladed paddles. It consists of a blade that is almost plunged vertically into the water and pulled back. The canoe is an open boat, which offers plenty of storage space and is for this reason perfectly suitable for longer trips with the whole family and luggage. Canadian canoes are tip-resistant and have space for two or three people. For families we can also offer 4 and 5 seaters that can be occupied by adults with children.

Kajak mit Doppelpaddel

The kayak is the legendary canoe of the Eskimos. In the old days it was made of whalebone and leather, our boats are now made of plastic. The sitting position in the kayak is deeper in the boat and it is moved forward with a double-bladed paddle. The double paddle possesses in contrast to the single bladed paddle at both ends a paddle blade. Kayaks are lighter and more manoeuvrable, but they offer less storage space than Canadian canoes and are more suitable for day trips. We do have touring kayaks seating 2 people.