Therms & Conditions of the Lahntours-Aktivreisen Promotions

We like to give away some tours for free – to you too!
On our Facebook page we regularly give away different tours. You can participate in these promotions by liking the Lahntours-Aktivreisen page on Facebook and share or/and comment the relevant post. After a winner is establish, we will ask them to get in touch with us and to provide their contact details so we can send them the prize. For this purpose please send us your current mail address with the subject line "Facebook-Gewinner" to gewinnspiel(at)

Here you find all the Facebook competition winners:

Price: An evening in the ''Winter Tipi Village'' (incl. catering and a surprise)
Value: €75
Winner: S. Fuchs
Price: Day Tour ''On the Lahn with a canoe'' for 2 people
Value: €67
Winner: M. Gil
Price: Company outing "On the Lahn with a canoe" for 25 people
Value: €837.50
Winner: T. Schmidt (Steuerbüro Schmidt) from Lorchhausen
Price: School trip "2-days canoe tour on the Lahn with an overnight stay at the Indian tipi village"
Value: €1,450
Winner: C. Rothgerber from Trier
Price: Family adventure "2-days canoe tour on the Lahn with an overnight stay at the Indian tipi village"
Value: €171.20
Winner: A. Klingelhöfer from Weimar
Price: Day Tour ''On the Lahn with a canoe'' for 2 adults
Value: €67
Winner: S. Wahl from Langen

To all of you who have missed out this time, don't worry, there will be a new promotion on our Facebook page in a few days!

Terms & conditions for our promotions and competitions on Facebook.

Lahntours-Aktivreisen GmbH with its headquarters in Lahntalstraße 45, 35096 Roth is responsible for the competitions as its organiser. By participating, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

What can you win?
With your participation, you have the chance to win a voucher for a tour described on our  Facebook page.
How can I win?
You participate by liking the Lahntours-Aktivreisen Facebook page and share or/and comment (as required) the promotion post.

Who is eligible?
Eligible are only users with a minimum age of 18 years.
Participation in the event is neither bound to any costs nor to the purchase of goods and/or services. Automated lottery services and lottery clubs are excluded from participation. It is strictly forbidden to use multiple Facebook accounts to increase the chances of winning.

Who is not eligible?
Legal representatives, employees, dealers and partners of Lahntours-Aktivreisen and all persons involved in the development and implementation of the promotion plus the families of all the people mentioned above are excluded from participating in the promotion.

When does the promotion take place?
The promotion will start with the publication of the respective post and is limited in time.
When and how will the winners be drawn?
The end of the promotion will be announced on Facebook. After that the winner will be decided behind closed doors by an independent draw procedure on the same day.

How will the winners be notified?
The result of the draw will be published on the day the promotion ends on Facebook. The winner will be announced by name on the Lahntours-Aktivreisen homepage. The winner then has to confirm the winning via email.

What happens if one does not get in touch?
If the winner does not get in contact with Lahntours-Aktivreisen within 2 days, the right to the prize will be forfeited. If this happens, a new winner will be drawn from all eligible entries. This also applies if we were unable to send the prize to the winner due to false or incorrect contact details.

Privacy Policy
All data collected as part of the promotion will only be used by Lahntours-Aktivreisen for processing the competition. Privacy Policy >>

Exemption from Facebook
This promotion has no connection to Facebook and is in no way sponsored, endorsed or organized by Facebook. The recipient of the data provided by the participants is not Facebook, but the organizer. The data provided will only be used for contacting the winner and processing the prize. Questions, suggestions and complaints are therefore to be addressed exclusively to the organizer. In addition, the organizer is allowed to announce the participant on the Facebook page.

Lahntours-Aktivreisen reserves the right at any time to adjust, modify or terminate the promotion. Circumstances that may cause this are disrubtions of the promotion by force majeure, legal reasons, technical reasons (eg. hardware or software failure) or manipulation of the competition by a third party. Lahntours-Aktivreisen is not liable for consequences arising out of the participation in the promotion that are outside of their responsibility area. The profit is not exchangeable, transferable or can be paid in cash. The responsibility of a possible taxation of the prize lays with the individual winner. In the event of a violation of the terms and conditions or trying to technically manipulate the promotion Lahntours-Aktivreisen can exclude certain participants from it. In such a case gains can also be subsequently removed and reclaimed. All decisions are final.