The company Lahntours

Lahntours-Aktivreisen GmbH with the headquarters in Roth (near Marburg) organises tours in the Lahntal since 1984 and is registered as a trademark in the German Patent and Trademark Office. In 2024 we celebrated our 40th anniversary as a tour operator in the Lahntal. Our versatile tour activities range from canoeing to bicycling including hiking. Lahntours sees itself as a tour operator, that combines nature-orientated travels with fantastic group experiences, which appeal to all age groups. Our aim is not to promote mass tourism, instead, as a specialist for active travels, we like to satisfy the individual needs of our customers in unison with nature.

Lahntours Logo

Together with many other representatives from politics and business, Lahntours-Aktivreisen GmbH got involved with the development of tourism in the Lahntal. 40 years ago the Lahn was a white spot on the map, but today according to a study by the Federal Ministry of Economics it is Germany's most popular canoeing river with the best infrastructure. Additionally, the cycling path has been voted one of the 10 most popular cycle routes in Germany and has been awarded 4 stars by the Allgemeinen Deutschen Fahrradclub (ADFC / German Cycling Club). Lahntours-Aktivreisen GmbH offers canoe tours especially for youth groups as well as for individual travellers. A wide range of options for parents with children but also for businesses and associations is available on the Lahn, too. We enjoy in particular to organise special group events. Hikers and cyclists can discover the Lahntal from the spring to the mouth on the 245 km long Lahntalradweg (cycling path) or the 288 km long Lahnwanderweg (trekking trail). Furthermore do we work together with over 70 cyclist and hiker friendly hotels, so that you can feel welcome and comfortable everywhere on your trip.
Through our head office in Roth by Marburg and branches in Wetzlar, Solms-Schohleck, Villmar-Aumenau and Runkel and our own campsite in Solms-Schohleck and campground in Runkel can we offer you many options and variations for your trip. You get the whole service package with our complete canoe and cycle equipment. Furthermore are our trained guides ready and more than happy to show you the wonderful Lahn region up close. It is a huge advantage to have a local and very well established operator at hand, who is able to help with different events and unusual requests.