A weekend getaway following in the miners footsteps

For a long time the Lahn-Dill area was influenced by the mining industry, it was one of the main ore districts in Germany. Today you can walk in the footsteps of the miners on the Bergmannsroute (trail). Here you should definitely join an one-hour tour through the Grube Fortuna (mine). The hoisting cage takes you down to 150 meters under the surface and then the underground railway brings you in the former working areas of the mine. Here rock drills eat their way into red-coloured rock and electric or air driven charging machines start moving with a deafening noise. Also get to know the above-ground plant of the mine, visit the pithead building with a mining museum or embark on your own discovery trip on the nature trail around the Grube Fortuna.

Bergwerk Grube Fortuna

1st day:
Arrival at the climatic spa Braunfels. Discover on your own the historic part of town and the over the Lahn towering castle.

2nd day:
We take you to Wetzlar one of the cities, where the famous writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe lived and worked. Here you start your hike from Wetzlar via the Altenberg monastery to the Grube Fortuna. The Lahn-Dill region was for a long time dominated by the mining industry, as it was one of the most important ore districts in the country. The closure of the Grube Fortuna at 4th March 1983 was the last chapter of a 2000 years long mining history in Hesse. Therefore you should definitely do the one-hour tour through the mine. A hosting cage takes you 150m underground to the former working level. Back on the surface you continue your hike via Leun to our canoe & bicycle station in Solms-Schohleck, which is easy to spot due to the big Indian tipis we operate there. One of our staff members will await you here and transfer you back to your hotel in Braunfels.

3rd day:
On the third and last day you have different options according to your needs and preferences. You can choose between:  

Option A)
Canoe tour on the Lahn: After you arrive on your own at the Lahntours campsite Solms-Schohleck we will transfer you to the drop off point in Dorlar (Lahnau). Here you will receive a detailed introduction into how to operate a canoe from one of our trained staff members. After everybody got outfitted you will head onto the water. The canoe or kayak tour downstream back to the campsite in Schlohleck will take, including a lunch break, between 5 to 7 hours depending on the personal fitness level. On this 17km long stage you reach after a short time the first lock. It is a highlight of every canoe tour to operate a lock by yourself. And there are not many places where you can do that these days. Don't worry, we will explain to you how it is done and you will be surprised how easy it is. After you managed the lock and a few more kilometres on the river you reach Wetzlar. Where, when and how you have your lunch break is up to you. However our staff can make some good suggestions if you like. In Wetzlar are 2 weirs, which you have to traverse. One via a canoe pass and the other on a roller system. This is all more fun than effort. Shortly afterwards you can see behind the historic Lahn bridge our canoe & bicycle station Wetzlar next to the Paulaner Biergarten, where you can leave the boats and equipment for your lunch break. With new energy you will paddle towards the Altenberg monastery. You just marvelled at the abbey when the high above the Lahn towering Braunfels castle appears. From there on you only have a few kilometres ahead of you until the end of your tour in Solms-Schohleck. The on-site Biergarten is the perfect spot to recall the events of the day and if you want to give the getaway the perfect finish, why not stay another night in one of our original Indian tipis with camp beds and campfire atmosphere. (Alternatively you can shorten the tour and start in Wetzlar instead.)

Option B)
Optics city Wetzlar: Visit the host of the Hessentag 2012 (big regional fair). Some of the local highlights are the Wetzlarer cathedral, the Lottehaus, which is dedicated to the meeting of Goethe (famous German writer) and Charlotte Buff and his regular visits to the house, the city and industrial museum, the Viseum and the Jerusalemhaus – as you can see Wetzlar has a rich history to offer. Additionally visitors can do the historical city tour by themselves. Everybody who wants to know why Wetzlar is a Optikstadt simply follow the Optikparcours (short trail).  

Option C)
Residence city Weilburg: Marvel at one of the most important baroque castles in Hesse and the only operational canal tunnel in Germany. Above the city there is also the wildlife park "Tiergarten Weilburg", where you have the opportunity to watch animals in their natural habitat.

Option D)
Crystal Cave of Kubach: Experience the only crystal cave in Germany. It is surrounded by 350 million years old limestone and the walls are covered with uncountable crystals and pearl sinters, which will give you a good glimpse into the geological history of our planet. Furthermore has the cave with 30 metres the highest dome of all public caves in Germany. The cave system developed during the ice age and only a small part is mapped today. During the 45min-tour a knowledgeable guide will tell you everything what is to know about the cave.

Our services:

  • 2 nights in a pre-booked hotel, in a double room with en-suite
  • Breakfast
  • Maps + information material
  • 2 shuttle transfers (Braunfels-Wetzlar, Solms-Braunfels)
  • Entrance fees on request
  • Children's discount on request depending on the accommodation and guide option

per person (min. 2 people): €160

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