Organisational infos for
school trips and summer camp programs

We can organise anything from a day trip to a 2 weeks youth tour. The duration of your tour depends on your individual preferences.

In every boat has to be at least one person, that is 12 years or older. There is no age limitation to the top as long as you feel physically fit. However one condition applies, that there is one teacher or minder who is leading the group accountably. Everybody has to lent a hand when it comes to cocking, cleaning and other necessary duties, we deliberately do not offer all inclusive comfort holidays.

Arrival and Departure
Almost all drop off and pick up locations can be easily reached by train, what is also more environmentally friendly. However it is of course possible to arrive/depart by car or bus.

Drop off and Pick up
There are different drop off spots along the Lahn: Roth near Marburg, Gießen, Dorlar, Wetzlar, Solms-Schohleck, Weilburg, Aumenau, Runkel and Diez. We do have pick up location roughly every 15km, where we can arrange to collect the canoes and equipment. We happily help you to choose where to begin the tour and where to finish it. We will offer you the most suitable river sections for your individual needs.

Lahntours stations and campsites
During the summer months we have staff on site all day. If you should encounter any issues on your tour, we can help you here. Furthermore are we available at least 10 hours per day on the phone.

Guides (on request)
Optionally tours can be accompanied by one or more of our tour guides. They are well trained and have extensive experience with outdoor education. Their role is to lead the group in cooperation with the teachers/minders on the river.

You stay the night at group-friendly campgrounds directly at the Lahn. All campsites have bathroom facilities.

Lahntours can provide all necessary equipment. Our Canadian canoes come with paddles, waterproof dry bags and barrels, life jackets and maps.

There is no board included in the price. We would recommend you calculate roughly €8 per person per day. We have arrange the stages in a way, that you are able to buy provisions freshly each day.

General rule is only take what is necessary. The luggage can be packed into the waterproof dry bags and loaded onto the canoe. We offer luggage transport upon request.

Before the fun begins your group will receive a detailed introduction from one of our trained staff. This will explain how to handle and stear a canoe, what you can expact on the river and how to treat nature.