Terms and conditions for the Lahntours campsite Solms-Schohleck

Dear customer, these general terms and conditions shall become, as far as effectively agreed, the content of the contract between the customer and us, the company LT-Aktivreisen GmbH, abbreviated below as "LT". Please read these carefully.

1. Your written booking request becomes effective when we have sent you a written reservation confirmation. Upon receipt of the confirmation a deposit of 50% of the total price has to be paid into one of our accounts. The remaining amount must be paid at the latest at the end of the stay.

2. If you withdraw from your reservation before the start of the camping stay, we can demand reasonable compensation. Our flat-rate claim for compensation (withdrawal fee) is:
a) up to 30 days before the start of your stay 10%
b) 29 to 20 days before the start of your stay 15%
c) 19 to 10 days before the start of your stay 25%
d) 09 to 06 days before the start of your stay 50%
e) 05 to 01 days before the start of your stay 75%
f) in case of cancellation on the day of arrival 100%

3. LT can cancel the reservation up to the last minute if unforeseen circumstances such as floods would not allow a safe and smooth course of stay. If LT cancels the reservation, the price paid will be refunded in full. LT cannot guarantee that unforeseen circumstances during your stay might will lead to its termination for your own safety.

4. In the event that any of the company's equipment is damaged or lost due to your fault, we have to charge you for the repair or replacement.

5. You commit to adapt your behaviour to the campsite regulations and to follow the instructions of the staff.

6. The invalidity of single regulations does not in principle establish the invalidity of the entire contract.

Campsite regulations:

1) In order to make the organisational process as smooth as possible, we ask every camping guest to register with a valid identity card or passport.
2) The instructions of the staff must be followed.
3) The used spaces must be left clean and any damage must be reported to the campsite office. The customers are responsible for self-inflicted damages and parents are liable for their children.
4) The embankment cannot be entered up to 6m from its edge; we are in a landscape conservation area!
5) Dispose of collected garbage separately in the designated containers; yellow bags are available at the reception. The "Green Dot" - garbage (European recycling system) cannot be thrown loosely into the container! Failure to comply with this rules will result in an extra charge for the correct disposal. In the interest of the environment, we ask you to put such little effort into the separation of your garbage.
6) The siesta from 1pm to 3pm and the sleeping hours from 10pm to 6am must be observed. We ask you to behave during these periods so that no one is bothered. During the rest periods it is not permitted to drive motorised vehicles over the grounds.
7) The campsites must be left in clean condition by 12pm on the day of departure, otherwise a further accommodation fee is due.
8) Paramilitary behaviour and fascist symbols are not tolerated.
9) Dogs are to be kept on a leash; accruing dog faeces have to be removed.
10) Open fire is permitted in the dedicated fire places (concrete rings). Since the campsite is located in a landscape conservation area, the collection of firewood in the surrounding shrubs is prohibited.
11) Rinsing of dishes on the campsite is forbidden, we do have a scullery! Any waste water generated in mobile homes or caravans must be disposed of in the sewage system.

© These terms and conditions are protected by copyright. Lawyer Noll, Stuttgart, (2005)

Tour operator:  
company: LT-Aktivreisen GmbH
address: Lahntalstraße 45, 35096 Weimar (Lahn)
phone: +49 6426 9280-0
fax: +49 6426 9280-10
managing director:    Brigitte Brandenburger
commercial register: HRB 1822
district court: Marburg